Dress Affordable black colored dress for girl with mermaid style

How can it be fashionable for guys to wear tight pants? How? What is going on here? Everywhere, guys are wearing tight pants. Don't get me wrong, their are guys who can pull it off. But im not questioning why SOME guys wear them. Im questioning why this is the general style. When this was happening I thought it was just a few weirdo people with weirdo styles. And when people from other countries did it, I thought it was just fudu people with fudu styles or like people who had a different style of the country their from. And I assume most girls didn't want their guys to dress like a girl (tight pants)......and then I learned....that this is the style...and im the guy who is different from the general style. I thought I was being stylish by wearing normal pants not tight pants. And I learned no. Im not being like the trend. Im the guy who is in the minority. Everyone is doing tight pants. And im the one who didn't know that this is the style...but how can this be the style? How? This is so weird! I mean tight pants? It makes guys look like stick figures. It doesnt make guys look strong or thick or tough. It makes them look like their skinnny, and not strong, and not tough. It don't make them look like a guy because its a feminine thing to wear tight pants because girls wear tight pants. Not guys. Wearing tight pants doesnt give curves or showoff a persons body in a manly way, it makes a person look super skinny and makes them showoff their body in a feminine way. How can this be the trend? How can it be trendy to wear tight pants. And ladies this is all your fault cus guys only dress a certain way to impress girls! Man this is so weird. I feel like im in a different world. And I feel like most people don't get that their not making sense. But you will all learn years from now when you get older. You know how? When you get older, and your kids, and your grandkids, look at your pictures and videos, their gonna make fun of you and be like man you wore tight pants.....this happened before years ago when I was growing up..they made fun of the older guys who wore tight pants......and it's going to happen again. And you will learn when you get older that this style of guys wearing tight pants is silly now Dress Affordable black colored dress for girl with mermaid style # TightPants # SkinnyJeans # LadiesDontAcceptThis