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1. Never fail to pray before saying yes to a man. Don't be in a hurry to get married. If you rush in, you may rush out with a lot of injuries!

2. Discover Your Purpose before marriage. Go To School Or Learn A Trade. Don't wait for a man before you start living. Add value to yourself. Have a life.

3. Don't run after a man because of his money, cars, connection, position, talent, or family background.

4. Develop a healthy eating habit. Don't be too fat that single men begin to think you are married. It takes discipline to do that.

5. Dress well: First Impression counts. Don't expose any of your private part for men to see otherwise you might only attract a player not a responsible man.

6. Don't beg or force a man to marry you. You are too precious to do that. And don't try to hook and keep a guy with sex or unwanted pregnancy. Many ladies
who do that end up in shame and regrets.

7. Your character is your marriage. It makes a man want to spend the rest of his life with you. So Work on your character. Beauty is not everything.
If it is all you have, you'll lose your place to someone more beautiful and more matured than you.

8. Never fail to learn how to cook good food. Men usually love a woman who feed them with good food because one of the easiest way to a man's. heart is through stomach (good food)

9. Never fail to read at least 20 books on marriage & family before your wedding or better still read more of our updates on relationships and dating page. The marriage you don't prepare for will Dress Affordable fitted bodycon wedding wears With Lace Appliques
confuse you when you get there.

10. Attend marriage seminar and pre marital counselling before marriage.