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I admire how we women treat our men/husbands. Take these instances:
~A man can beat up his wife or girlfriend to death but a woman is not allowed to even point a finger to a man. But if you think you are daring, try it tonight and give us the full report tomorrow.
~A man will quarrel a woman like a toddler but it is considered a criminal offence to raise your voice to a man.
~The society/community justifies the man's adultery, unfaithfulness, in commitment , in loyalty by that men are polygamous in nature. The dudes will even feel so good about themselves when they say they hate monopoly. Try cheating on your husband and you will be divorced if not hanged to death. Don't forget his case is forgivable though. Dress Affordable items with detachable pieces to wear of the wedding
~Bi.Msafari will even worsen matters by advising you of how your husband is allowed to have your phone but you are not supposed to access his even in an emergency.
~Ask any man who is their ideal woman and these will not miss in their list: A trustworthy, honest and open lady. The same men will lie about their salaries, properties and even use all kinds of lies to cover up their dirty deeds from their wives.
~It's very normal for a woman to forgive his husband after he apologies but apologize to most men and pride will overtake them if they won't ignore you, silent treat you, worse they will wash your dirty linen in public. You will look very desperate for asking for their apology and they will make sure every one knows about it.
~Every quarrel that erupts the blame is wholly on the woman. No man can swallow his ego and own up his mistakes and when he apologies he will be like 'Nisamehe lakini sijui mahali nilikosea, it was your fault".
~A man expects his wife to maintain her sexiness 10 years after marriage and will use all manner of excuses aimed at her body to cheat on her. The same man will forget that he has also not been able to maintain his body and he now has a bulging beer belly that his wife has to put up dressing everyday without complaining.
~Our parents have taught us women to measure our words before talking to a man but luckily for men, any word that comes out of their mouth is justified.
~Have read most Marriage advice books and most of the love books advice girls to love their boyfriend's buddies and parents to win his heart. The same books advice women to leave their single hood friends behind and to put their husband's words on top of their parents.
~A man will give you an unending story and expect you to give him undivided attention and even laugh at his 'not so funny jokes' but try telling a man how your day was and at some point he will doze off or even term you as being melodramatic. Men hate listening better still they hate details.
~My 'happily ever after relatives' often advice me on how you shouldn't constantly remind a man of something you told him. Am only worried that men will always remind women of something they already know however irritating.
~A man is the woman's priority in the home before any job but the same man will not appreciate her small efforts and will be busy complaining of chores that have or haven't been done well.
~Most of us women support our husband's goals, pray for them and encourage them till they are on the top. The same man will work so hard to break his woman's dreams for fear of being overtaken.
~A man will come home at midnight and it is expected for his wife to understand his situation without nagging. Maybe he was stuck in traffic. On the contrary, when a woman arrives home past 9:00 pm without a good explanation she will be sent packing. In this case, accusations may apply.
~The same man will expect a warm welcome, good food and hot sex from his equally tired wife without question. Mwanamme akikunyima haki yako je? Hufai kuuliza. You can starve to death for all he cares or he may even misunderstand you for turning to a slut.

Activists have tried to go against the religion and tradition by trying to fight for gender equality. But this will never materialise because it's so far beyond our power. Men are so much more superior.
All am asking from our dear beloved men. We love and respect you and we will never match your power but please appreciate our small efforts. We women accommodate a lot from you. Our tolerance never ceasing and holding back from complaining.
Brag a little about us like we brag about you.
Don't seek any chance to shame us.

Kendi Dolly
Nancy Kamunde
Jenny Sherrie
Ann Kawira
Annite King'ori
PreciousAnnie Kageni
Paloma Denique
Winfred Mwiti
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