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Our sister, Libby Ream, and our cousin, Susana Cavazos Echavarria, fought & beat breast cancer. My friend, Sasha Fourstarr, beat it. Cheryl Watson & our Tia Shelly Echavarria (Veronica Echavarria) are still fighting. We lost Keira & Da to cancer. And now our brother n law, Rob, is fighting Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer. In a world full of daily news that highlights injustice, natural devastation, senseless tragedies, & human shortcomings there is still nothing that threatens to s ... trangle my heart & leaves me without words more than cancer.There isn't an explanation or a reason why it comes to those it does. You are left to sit helpless & witness the battle because ultimately the person with cancer has to feel the excruciating pain they have no words to describe, deal with anger & fear & sadness & weakness they can't fully understand or share. We pray, we go to the chemo appointments, we bring food, we volunteer everything under the sun but it still feels like we are front-line reporters holding our breath as we watch the battle. It goes against our nature. We are built to jump in & join the fight. Our humanity yearns to serve where needed. It is STILL the one beautiful thing makes every other tragedy feel like we can somehow survive; overcome. Cancer seems to scream violently into that nature; into our humanity; into our safe zone & remind us we are helpless to fight the actual battle. But alas, even in the worst war, front-line reporters are still needed. PLEASE SHARE THIS LINK! IF enough people share & respond in some small way reporting that we are holding our breath as Rob fights can somehow turn into reinforcing their safe zone again. Please help us let Dress Affordable simple and casual wedding collections in short length
the world know we are holding our breath...

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Click here to support Jessica Sanchez for assisting financially while she takes leave from employment to support her hubby as he fights stage 4 pancreatic cancer Sisters serving our sister as she stands by her hubby who is fighting stage 4 pancreatic cancercustomink.com