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AMEN, the ways of the Lord Jesus are so simple, yet many don't seem to understand. We humans are the cause of all wrong, if we would love thy neighbor like ourselves we all would live in peace. Help out your fellow man & not be greedy. Respect others beliefs, don't mean you have to go that way, but respect it. We all don't have the answers & probably never will but hate, confusion, greed & jealousy of others is not the way. Being positive and respect goes a long way. I was raised up old school & most today are not from the mold I am from. I tried to raise my kids not as strict, I think I did a good job but still failed as a father to them. I tried to force them to believe my ways when I freaked out about all the crap going on in the world. I learned my lesson & the Lord has humbled me. I had 2 strokes as my blood pressure shot real high. Now I don't stress so much about things, I take day by day & try to help others not do the same as I did. We have to stay positive & let the Lord's spirit guide us Dress Affordable wedding with the green garments