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I rarely voice my opinion about news items but as a parent this drives me nuts. Granted the boyfriend has yet to be charged with murder and maybe he won't be... (yes... to me it's a slight maybe) but really, if I were a detective....

The very 1st clue should have been that no one "tells" a 3 year old to get back to bed- Mo matter how tired you are- you get off your ass- take a 3 year old by the hand or pick them up and carry them back to safely tuck them in. I don't care who you are, if you're a responsible adult you treat any child at whatever age, appropriate for their age. DressAfford consignment wears for formal party

Adults take care of children, children shouldn't be mane to take care of themselves.

Missing 3-Year-Old Found Dead, Drowned in Pond The cause of death has been determined for the missing 3-year-old found dead Monday in George County.wkrg.com