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Wow! Just had a really great visit with a stranger. Since James had his heart surgery and spent many days in the hospital seeing so many people going through heart surgery too, he has wanted to somehow go back in and encourage the other patients as someone who has also been through it. He was telling this to his dr who then said "well if you don't mind, why don't you go visit the man in room 206. He is a young guy in his 40's like you and it would be good for you to encourage him." So after visiting some of the nurses and staff who took care of James, we went to room 206. This man was very thankful we stopped by and he & James talked about the different things that go along with the surgery...both the difficult things and how it gets better. James asked if he could pray with this man and they held hands and prayed. It was such an encouragement to all of us. DressAfford flower girl outfits of tulle