apparels dressed in formal occasion for maternity ladies

I hate being female! If there was a god we would all be hermaphrodites, or better yet reproduce asexually there would be no gender! Here is a list of things that suck about being female.

1. periods
2. childbirth (NOT my desire at all.)
3. not having equal pay
4. being expected to wear sissy clothes, jewelry, makeup, perfume, nail polish etc.
5. being expected to be attracted to big hairy nasty beirded burping farting crotch scratching men with filthy penises which I hate
6. being expected to be a sissy homemaker who cooks, cleans, and takes care of babies
7. being expected to be an idiot/ being discouraged from pursuing STEM careers like my dream to be a taxonomist
8. having to wear a bra or binder or else- FLOPPY TITS! I hate my boobs and want them cut off. Barack and Joe suck.
9. Sex is painful and degrading I hate you too Edwina
10. being excluded from many things just because you have a vagina

I wish I was born male. No point in transitioning. I will always have XX chromosomes in every f***ing cell in my body. If they dig me up 3000 years later they will say" look a woman!" I will never produce sperm. At least I can do is be a feminist and try to stop society from assigning unfair roles. apparels dressed in formal occasion for maternity ladies