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On 1st December which is observed as World HIV /AIDS day, the doctors said that HIV is spread primarily due to unprotected sex, by blood transfusion, hypodermic needles n from mother to baby during pregnancy. HIV had also been spreading on account of absence of accurate treatment and ignorance in India. A person infected with AIDS become very weak and even a simple disease like cough n cold, diarrhea become a chronic one. So treatment is recommend as soon as it is diagnosed without any break and then only a patient can lead normal life. Even pregnant women under treatment have upto 95% reduced chance of infection in baby. This disease is not spread through contact or hug and there is need of society supporting patients and remove discrimination with them. The government must make arrangement for HIV patient to avail free treatment and there must be a dedicated department for HIV testing and diagnosis in every district hospital. bohemian style wedding collections on sale