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A Tribute - Da Mardi Gras Parades

We got da family ladders up
And da side streets are all guarded.
We got da flambeaux all lit up
Let’s get dis Mardi Gras started.

Krewe du Vieux, Krewe of Cork,
and den da mighty Krewe of Oshun.
Here come da Mardi Gas parades,
let’s start up da commotion!

Where Ya at Cleopatra,
Where Ya at Pontchartrain.
Let’s catch some Mardi Gras beads
while we standin in da rain!

Uptown’s got Choctaw and Freret,
and da Marigny has ‘tit Rex.
Dere’s a party goin on
at my momma’s duplex.

Give me some Sparta, and some Pygmalion
and some Krewe of Carrollton.
Here come all da parades,
let’s start havin us some fun!

Here comes da Krewe of Alla
and da Krewe of King Arthur, too.
Here comes da Krewe of Barkus
with all dere doggy poo!

Here’s da Ancient Druids
and da Mystic Krewe of Nyx.
If I wear a fancy costume,
will I meet some pretty chicks?

Here come da Knights of Chaos
and da Knights of Babylon.
The Mardi Gras parades have started
so let’s get our party on!

Here comes da Krewe of Muses
with all dem silly girls.
I hope to catch a fancy shoe
from a lady in pink curls!

And dere’s da Krewe of Hermes,
followed by Le Krewe d'Etat,
Followed by Krewe of Morpheus,
dis is how da Who Dats play!

Here’s come da Krewe of Iris,
followed by da Krewe of Tucks.
I want me a toilet plunger
and some plastic Mardi Gras cups!

Da chefs have dere Krewe of Lafcadio,
and da Yats have da Endymion ball.
Put on your gown, put up your hair,
let’s party down one and all!

Here comes da Krewe of Okeanos,
and den Mid-City and da Krewe of Thoth.
Der’s da Krewe of Bacchus Gorilla.
We havin fun dawlin, you and me both!

Here comes da Krewe of Proteus
with der old floats and plastic beads.
Some of these old dudes are cheap
and don’t fill all our parade needs!

But den dere’s da Krewe of Orpheus
wit da bands and super floats.
They pull out all der Mardi Gras best.
Da crowd is yellin wit positive votes!

Den we catch Rex, da Crescent City
and da thousands of Elks club trucks.
I wouldn't trade my Mardi Gras day
for nothin, even a million bucks!

Mardi Gras Day is very special
for grandmas and chilrin da same.
After fightin all day for dem beads and doubloons cheap ball gowns
Den return home to ease the pain.

We put da doubloons in da binders
And we eat da last piece of king cake.
And den we donate all da Mardi Gras beads
To St. Micheal’s for da charity’s sake.

We wake up early da next morning
To go to Church for da holy ashes.
Den we get down on our knees to tank da Lord
Fo’ da Pussyfooters and dere long eyelashes...

Now da season is finally over.
No more king cake or fancy dishes.
Now we lookin at forty days of fastin
and Friday nights frying nothin but fishes.

After all da parades and balls are over
and your money has all been spent.
It’s time to move past da Mardi Gras
and put away all our liquor for da Lent!

© 2017 Jeffrey Pipes Guice