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Nutraburst: this liquid multivitamin is the best! it's packed with all your fruit and veggie servings needed to ensure a healthy immune system!

just one tablespoon is equivalent to the nutrients in 10 salads!!

This weather has been crazy lately.. and y'all know what that means.. alot of Adults & children has or about to get sick??
NOT MEEEE since i started taking nutraburst & began getting the following nutrient every day i'm goooood! I have not been sick....The NutraBurst has: cocktail party wears in navy

72 minerals
All the essential vitamin extracts
22 phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables
19 amino acids
13 whole food greens
12 different healthy herbs

plus it has a 98% absorption rate vs. 20-30% in capsule vitamins!

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