covertible items to wear for maid of the bride

Im posting this in public hoping that someone could help me.. I have a chronic sinusitis for more than 3 months.. This thing happened to me when I had a cold. I inhale eucalyptus too much to decongest.. Unfortunately, it left my nostril with frozen like mucus. Im having a hard time to breathe since then. I tried nasal drops to make it soft again but it did nothing. Finally I went to an EENT doctor to check my nose. She told me that theres nothing wrong. It is just a mucus that stuck on my nose. She prescribed me a high dose of antibiotic which is co-amoxiclav (1g), decongestant tabs and nasal spray. After 7 days of medications, it did nothing! Now I would like to consider surgery but that will cost too much.. Hoping someone could help me on how could I make this frozen mucus out.. Message me.. covertible items to wear for maid of the bride