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WTF...! Door to door selling now!!!

Archana Poduval Yesterday at 1:17pm ยท

This evening, I was sitting at home, a normal Sunday evening, thinking of tomorrow's tasks at office, at home etc when I heard a knock at the door. I went & opened the door, there stood 3 well dressed ladies. 1, in a Sari, wearing glasses & a few strands of grey in her hair. Another young lady with a couple of layers of makeup that can shame Actress Rekha & wearing pink lipstick, 3rd a teenager with a sad face. 'Yes?' I asked. 'Do you have a few minutes to discuss?' they asked. evening party wears online

'Discuss what?' I asked. 'About your life & future'. That's it, I knew what were these people up to... I had heard stories, had read on Quora, knew this was happening on a large scale, had seen these people distributing pamphlets at public spaces, but was seeing first hand their audacity for the first time, some nerve they had, walking up to MY door....
'What about my life & future?' I asked, giving them a chance to backtrack if they want.
'What's your name?' They asked politely.
I knew this was required to write down in their register & show their paymasters as well as to modify the sales pitch as required.
I said, 'What for? Can you come to the point? What are you here to sell?'

They asked, 'Are you happy with your life? Does praying to your God make you happy, does it remove your woes?'

I asked again, 'What do you want?'

They replied, 'We are here to tell you about our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ...'

'Get out!' I said, the politest reply I could give these miserable excuses of humanity...

They looked offended, as if it was I who had went to their doorstep & attempted to convert their religion, they continued, 'My dear, you can hear, we can help make your life happy...'

'Get out, do you dislike the current shape of your noses so much, do you want Vishwa Hindu Parishad or someone to break it for you, shameless creatures???' I asked. I had never spoken to someone so threateningly & had never ever seen anyone working for or affiliated to VHP or any other right wing organisation but like many others have come to realise why right wing organisations are indeed required.

They looked around, wishing to avoid a confrontational scene & walked away like the cowards that they are.... To the next door for the pitch....

I know some lovely people who are Christians, I regularly wish them on Christmas & Easter, I have enjoyed their home made wines & other delicacies, they wish me on Diwali & Onam, I have even visited a church a couple of times, but this, I CANNOT accept, will NOT accept. Practise whichever faith you wish to, but don't go to doorsteps & shove it up people's noses, be prepared for rudeness & threats if you do. We don't proselytize, we co exist, leave us alone.

It is NOT acceptable for someone to sell religion from door to door like phenyl.... Have some respect for your own religion. Have respect for others religions too, when these missionaries come & try to sell us Jesus, it is like saying, 'are you happy with your mother? You can take my mother, she's better, she'll care for you better...'

My dear Christian friends, when you see your friends turning into 'Sanghis', understand this, they don't hate you, they aren't intolerant, they don't have anything to do with current government, they just wish to be left alone, much like you do.... They just wish to continue their way of life, much like you do... They just have no tolerance for bullshit, like you too...