greek styled items to wear of the prom

I find it sad that people do not have enough pride to dress respectfully,or people that want to look scruffy and nasty have to force a policy of dressing properly.Acting like little crybabies Wa fricken wa.Sad thing is you are full grown adults acting like little whine ass babies.Man up and women up.Stop using your workplace like a chuckwagon and a joke, do the job you are paid to do. End of story...You all get a pay check, buy some groceries.No matter your excuse stealing is stealing..So glad I am brave enough to be me,Do not have to follow sad ass ,lazy ass manipulative lying ass thieves.....Your anger at having to dress and shave and look like a responsible human is quite hunorous!! You need someone to tell you,you can not do it on your own.LMAO !! Nobody to blame except YOU !!! Respect, pride and dignity are not in your vocabulary... and that is why rules have to be forced..... greek styled items to wear of the prom