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My condolences to bishop Edward Stanley Engena-Maitum , for the lost of his wife and to family friends and Bright and morning star ministry.
I know mum Deborah Gold is now at peace in heaven with our Lord and savior Jesus Christ until we joined her in the glory.

Because of the short notice, the date of burial has been *changed* from Sunday the 17th to *Wednesday 20th of December.*.

Hopefully this will assist all with their travel plans.

This was her Story.
Greetings of messages of goodwill my friends, family and well-wishers!

My names is DEBORAH-GOLD, a wife, mother and Minister of the Gospel. In late November 2016, I developed a tumor in my right thigh which began to grow exponentially causing excruciating pain in the entire leg. Prior to that, for a whole year I had lost weight rapidly, experienced night sweats, lost appetite, had chronic fatigue, itchiness, headaches and a dry cough. After undergoing several medical tests, the doctors in Uganda where I resided by then, couldn't find a diagnosis of the symptoms. In December 2016, I took myself in for a scan and after the results, the radiologist advised that I see an oncologist as soon as possible. He ordered for an MRI and soon after I was hospitalized on 15/12/2016 to undergo urgent surgery to remove the tumor on my right thigh. The samples were sent to the USA for pathology tests and the results came back positive with DIFFUSE LARGE B-CELL NON-HODGKIN'S LYMPHOMA. I was then referred to India for a PET SCAN, and further tests for staging and grading. Finally I opted for Nairobi, Kenya when I couldn't raise the urgently needed funds to the tune of USD 15,000, to go to India. high waist empire wedding collections with sleeves

This is a lymphatic system cancer at stage 4B. It's high grade and very aggressive. Between December and March of 2017, the cancer has metastasized to the bone marrow and both lungs. I started the first chemo cycle on 30/03/2017 and I am due for 5 more cycles. This type of Lymphoma is curable especially if captured early. There might also be a possible bone marrow transplant in the future after the chemotherapy. Cancer is a very expensive disease that puts a mental, emotional, physical and financial toll on everyone involved. Currently I'm paying Kshs. 300,000/USD 3000 per cycle, in addition to other costs. I was able to raise the money for the first treatment from family members and friends who contributed very generously. Now the funds are all used up and, since I was residing out of the Kenya, I have just registered for NHIF. The NHIF card, which will reduce my financial burden will only become effective three months after enrollment in the system. Meanwhile, I cannot stop the treatment. I am therefore in a dire need for funds.

I am kindly appealing to all well-wishers to contribute towards this Fundraiser. I am also kindly requesting for prayers as I walk this very challenging and scary journey . Thank you and God bless you.