informal style garment for mother of the bride

Rosa Marie writes:

The illegal, harmful, and horrific practices of female genital mutilation has no place or value in our world. FGM, also known as female genital surgery (FGS) in regions where it is practiced, is a rampant form of torture to young girls and women. Primarily it is done on girls as young as 5 years old, and there are multiple forms of it. They include the cutting of the labia minora, majora, and complete removal of the clitoris, and commonly the vagina is sown shut together leaving only a small hole near the back where fluids can exit the body; this is called infibulation. Yes, all fluids exiting from the same hole. Unsurprisingly, this excruciating practice often leads to infections, diseases, and health problems and can be fatal. Sexual pleasure is a risk of infidelity, and thus often a reason for the practice is to remove this 'temptation' from women. In cultural anthropology it is appropriate to understand concepts in terms of their origins. FGM is also a practice and ceremony which deems young girls and women as 'pure' or 'marriageable' in the cultures where it occurs. It is a way for people to assume virginity when choosing their partners. The infibulated vagina will be torn open through sexual intercourse later. There are further vulgar details on this practice, including forced restraint, lack of any anesthesia, brutal bleeding and permanent vaginal damage, risk of infertility and more. informal style garment for mother of the bride
Now, this illegal practice is occurring in Canada. Signing the linked petition will help inform and enforce this practice as a crime in Canada. Please sign and share.
This is a topic which left me horrified and disturbed to learn about during an anthropology university course. People need to know the details, and it must be stopped.