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Preston (PDP) : Honestly, I really want Buhari to be APC Presidential Candidate for 2019.
I foresee a dramatic election

Ayiri (APC) : PMB will definitely be APC flagbear. I like to see who in PDP can match him. 2019 is around d corner.

Preston (PDP) : You'll be surprised

Ayiri (APC) : Bring your best, we are waiting. PMB has no rival. Even Atiku cannot save PDP.

Preston (PDP) : Pmb right now is scared out of his skin, Tinubu was already playing indifferent, now Atiku pulls out completely, his pillars of support are removed, APC is crumbling under it's own weight, the cracks are growing bigger by the day, if you've not seen them, look again, history will always repeat itself. The Daura Cabal turned pmb against those who fed him, it's payback time, watch it playout like a movie

Ayiri (APC) : ACN. Structure is solid. Tinubu, our leader is going no where, In your mind do think Tinubu can join a dead dead party like PDP? Not possible.Atiku,you are relying on came a distant third in APc primary. You always back d wrong horse,just as you followed Iyamu. By Dec 9th, after your convention, PDP will go into extinction.More PDP members are coming to APC. Obanikoro just defected ,any moment from now, Ebonyi n Anambra governors will follow suit. What are u still doing in that sinking party? PMB will win landslide in 2019,n will be succeeded by a candidate from d South East.This is d calculation on d ground.

Preston (PDP) : Lol, you still don't get it, a party survives on two things, money and loyalty. Yes Buhari now has access to CBN vaults but it doesn't end there, the loyalty he enjoyed from Tinubu in 2015 has diminished, Tinubu commands a great followership and where he goes they go, agreed Tinubu won't leave APC but he'll wreck more havoc fighting from within, he plays the pipe, it's not going to be automatic ticket for Buhari he said, the message is clear, battle line drawn, it's a test of might between Tinubu and the "cabal" for whose sake Buhari undermined his king maker, at the receiving end is Buhari, either ways APC has lost it. If Tinubu coughs blood Buhari is dropped, a rift between the West and North will emerge - APC crumbles. If Buhari wins - Disaster, no amount of rigging can save him, Nigerians, even APC loyalists are done with Buhari

Ayiri (APC) : You cant speak for APC. Focus on your crumbling party. Tinubu remains a loyal member of APC. He is not a normad like Atiku. Trace d antecedent of our leader, he has always been a progressive to the core. He just brought kORO back to the party. Stop dreaming, Tinubu will never rock our boat.December 9th marks d final funeral rites of PDP. Before d 2019 election, all ur governors in d east will decamp to APC. You are not reading d mood of d nation. PMB will do two tenure ,after him, power shifts to d East. Nigerians don't want a repeat of PDP 16years of sharing our Commonwealth. Why waste your time on a crumbling party? APC is intact. PDP is dead, 1millilon Atiku cannot resurrect PDP. Bode George ,Gbenga Daniel etal are on their way out after your convention. If I were you, I will leave now.

Preston (PDP) : Lol, I can see my facts jolted you, we don't want Tinubu in PDP, all of a sudden I can't speak for your party, but you want to speak for mine, stop deceiving yourself, it's blow by blow, your ship is caving in already, no eastern governor will join a pack of vultures where they'll be pushed to the backwaters of your party, without having a say in the scheme of things, Gbenga Daniel and Bode George will not stoop so low to be made mediocres in your party. Those who joined APC from the East, the likes of Orji Uzor Kalu, Ken Nnamani, etc are political prostitutes who can't weather the storm of your witch hunting and rival intimidations, they're spent fuel, don't think they can help you win over more leaders from the
east, Emeka Ojukwu jnr that just joined you guys is a political toddler so he doesn't have the influence you think he has, nobody takes him serious, you can see how they mesmerized him even in his father's party. I told you Tinubu has set the tone without mincing words and given the belligerence of the Daura Cabal, they'll want to prove to Tinubu that he doesn't have the Prima facie to dictate to them...........booooom! This is your Waterloo, implosion and infighting will cause you a rift larger than the "Great Rift Valley" of Africa, Lol

Ayiri (APC) : You know nothing about APC. Focus on your crumbling PDP. Keep on dreaming, prophet. You are tired of being in d opposition. Hmmm! I feel for you. Take it or leave it, APC will rule Nigeria forever. All wise PDP members are defecting.You must be d only one not seeing d handwriting. You blindly followed a certain Iyamu, where did that land you? Sure, you didn't learn your lesson from d crushing defeat of your party in EDO, around d corner, you have started backing d wrong horse again. PMB has no rival. He will do two tenure n an Ibo man will take over for Eight years.Only criminals are scared of PMB second tenure. PDP is dead.If you know d realignment of forces going on in d east, you will understand my post. D ibos know that d only way to ascend d presidency is through d APC, not your opposition party. Open your eyes wide.D south west too are aligning. APC has come to stay. Don't make another Iyamu mistake. A word is enough for d wise

Preston (PDP) : Lol, you're stylishly begging me to come over to your sinking ship APC no no no, a political tremor of seismic proportions is about to hit the APC, your gimmicks and antics with which you rubbed us of our mandate in Edo 2016 ain't gonna work for you this time around, we're better prepared and Nigerians are tired of your purposeless and directionless government of ethno-religious bigotry and impunity, where a tiny minority tribe of just 7million people have held the entire country of almost 200million people to ransom as though they have become a superior race, this is unacceptable to the entire country, I'm bemused you're not seeing the bigger picture and the concerns Nigerians in general are critical about, even within your party APC many are tired of Buhari and his cabal's divisive tendencies, wake up my friend and come over to the most liberal and largest party in Africa, PDP.

Ayiri (APC) : Wailers will continue to wail ceaselessly. PMB till 2023.

Preston (PDP) : Even if we're wailing but for the right reasons and we're not blackmailing anybody or selling cheap off the rack animosity propelled propaganda which your principal Buhari deployed in his hate filled campaign during the run up to 2015 election to the extent that he threatened bloodshed if not allowed to be president, GEJ being a liberal president gave it no serious attention when in the actual sense of it it could've been the fix in an indictment jigsaw puzzle. Imagine the legit manner I could have wrapped your principal up if I were GEJ, which could have saved us this embarrassing retrogressive path APC has pulled us into, we were Africa's no 1 economy, recording growth in every sector of the economy, foreign direct investment was all time highest, alas all the existing investors pulled out $80 billion dollars from our economy within the 1st 4 months he was sworn in owing to his antecedent of being unrepentantly rigid in opinion even when it's certain to fail, biased in ideology along ethno-religious lines and a high level of economic illiteracy. items to wear for the grade of 5th graduation purpose
.......and I assure you Ayiri Umuko, you guys ain't getting beyond 2019, put this in your record book.