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Chapter 58
Now that Sam and I were back on track, I’d mended the
bridge with Alyssa and had settled well into Sam’s
friendship circle who accepted me, I had a feeling that
senior year was going to be the best for us all.
My life was also falling into place and I’d figured out
what I wanted to do. Rather than going to college
afterwards I’d been offered an internship at a
photography firm with Helena. It paid well so I could
earn my own money, I was learning too because there
were photographers working there that had shot for
magazines such as Elle and Cosmopolitan. It was
However the thing that had really cinched the deal for
me was that I’d be fifteen minutes away from Stanford,
close to Sam so we wouldn’t have to do the long
distance thing. He wouldn’t have to choose between me
and his education, he had aspirations and I didn’t want
to stand in his way.
The most shocking thing about this whole arrangement
was that dad had talked with Helena to arrange it all.
He’d done it in secret with mom’s help and had told us
months later on my eighteen birthday in March, almost a
year since we left for Rome.
When I said ‘we’ I meant Danny and I.
Dad had paid for Danny to go back to Japan for a few
months to visit his family, I’d spoken to his brothers
over Skype and they were just as hilarious as he was.
Thankfully he’d returned a week ago to find out that
dad had secured him a job at a publishing house to
illustrate children’s books and websites with his
animations so he wouldn’t have to work freelance
He’d also be living with me in the swanky apartment
dad had bought for us which would be awesome. Dad
was also bringing Ty and Cal over to stay with us at the
end of the summer and I couldn’t wait to meet my
unofficial brothers.
I guess this was dad’s way of making things up to us,
and we were treading cautiously but we were both trying
too so we could have a proper relationship with him.
They’d even managed to spend a whole day together
watching some soccer game without any arguments.
Mom had listened to dad’s offer of a divorce, he’d
eventually taken my offer seriously but she’d refused.
Sitting me down to explain that although dad had put
her through a lot, she was still willing to try making it
work between them, because after twenty years together
it would be a lot to throw away.
I’d made her promise that if he didn’t treat her well then
she had to leave, then she’d cried when I started
packing to leave for my apartment. Saying that she
couldn’t believe her baby had grown up.
Summer arrived full force and dad continued his new
vow to be the proper family man he’d once pretended he
was and had paid for both our family and Sam’s to go on
his yacht, then staying in a chalet in the Alps for two
It was amazing, we snowboarded whilst our parents
went skiing and got to know each other. Sam and I spent
most of our time together, when we weren’t on the
slopes we were sat in front of the fireplace of the chalet
just talking and cuddling.
Our siblings were also getting closer, the idea of Danny
and Martha together was an odd one but I was getting
used to it.
One night when we were sat in front of the roaring fire
to warm up after a day on the slopes, hot chocolates sat
on the stone cooling down and Sam said something that
I wasn’t expecting.
Rubbing my shoulders through the fluffy dressing gown
to warm me up he said, ”We’ve been together almost
two years Elle and there’s something I want to talk to
you about.”
We’d been together twenty one months. Immediately
that sentence sent internal alarm bells ringing and my
eyes widened with panic. ”W-what about-t?” I
stammered, mainly because I was still cold and also in
fear of what he was going to say.
He looked into my eyes, reaching over to cup my chin in
his cold hand, ”I know that you have a lot of jewelry but
I was hoping you wouldn’t mind adding to it.” he then
reached into his trouser pocket and pulled out a thin
silver ring with tiny diamonds studded into it.
”W-what’s t-t-that?”
”It’s a promise ring, not to abstain from sex, obviously,
but so you know that even if things get hard once I start
college, I’ll do my best to keep you a priority.”
I looked at him in the dim light, trying to calm my racing
heart down now that I knew he wasn’t going to break up
with me. The room we sat in was dark with only the fire
to light it up, outside it was snowing heavily to top up
the slopes and we were alone.
Our parents had gone out to a bar for dinner, God only
knew where Danny and Martha where but I’d rather not
imagine what they were doing.
It turned out that Martha’s secret had been that she
enjoyed partying. You’d never guess just by looking at
her but she kept up the conservative act in front of her
parents. Sam however had figured her out and found it
hilarious that everyone thought she could do no wrong.
I took the ring and slipped it onto my middle finger,
admiring it before getting on my knees to throw my arms
around his neck, ”I thought you were going to break up
with me. Sammy stop being so adorable, it makes me
feel like a horrible girlfriend.”
He held me and adjusted his body so I could curl up on
his lap like a cat, ”I know that we aren’t perfect and we
do have different dreams, I’m determined not to let that
ruin what we have.”
Like any normal couple we got annoyed with each other
sometimes, we didn’t argue much though. Nothing about
us should make sense but it did. Our paths through life
were different but they were slowly converging and not
just because of the decisions we made in life but
because of fate.
”I’d never let it, besides we’ll be able to see each other lace ball gown wedding dresses
anytime when you’re not studying and I’m not at work.”
I told him, now warm enough to stop shivering because
his body was so warm.
“My studies are going to be intense, that’s what worries
me. Martha’s already trying to prep me for what’s to
I straddled his lap and looked at him, his eyes looking
black with the lack of light, “Can we not talk about the
possibility of you being holed up studying right now?
We’re in France, it’s snowing outside and we’re sat in
front of a fire. This is so romantic.”
He smiled at me, watching as I played with the buttons
on his shirt, “You’re such a hopeless romantic, next
you’ll be asking me to order chocolate dipped
strawberries and hire P.s I love You.”
“I love you too much to put you through that.” I laughed.
“Elle you’ve made me watch that movie at least five
times in our entire relationship, not including the times
I’ve fallen asleep during it.”
“Yeah, yeah,” I giggled, unbuttoning his shirt and feeling
my body fire up at the sight of his chest, “I’ve seen Lord
Of The Rings with you and that took up most of the
“You watched it once and fell asleep before the action
even started, that doesn’t compare.” he said, beginning
to unwrap my dressing gown and sliding it down my
shoulders. What happened afterwards was magical, our
surroundings were definitely adding to the romantic
The remaining time we spent in France was incredible,
our families were getting along and things seemed to be
going right for once. I knew that it wouldn’t last; all
good things had to come to an end eventually.
I just knew however that Sam was the one; I just had
that feeling inside me. In ten years’ time he’d be a
theoretical physicist; I would more than likely be working
as a professional photographer and doing modeling on
the side.
By then I could imagine us married, possibly with our
first child. Sure things could go the complete opposite
way but a girl could dream.

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