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Conversation with the four year old over the dinner table.

He leans in and starts talking in a gruff whisper...
Kid: Miss Pran, do you know what I eatin'?
Me: What are you eatin'?
Kid: I eatin' a dead chicken!!
Me: Well, yes, you are eating a dead chicken. A cooked, dead chicken.
Kid: Do u know why I eatin' a dead chicken?
Me: No, why?
Kid: Tause I a vampaaar. Vampaaars eat dead stuff.
Me: I didn't know you are a vampire. I had no clue I had a vampire in my house.
Kid: You know whad else vampaaaar's wike?
Me. No. What?
Kid: Bawoooood. They wike to dawink bawooood.
Me: Well I'm sorry but I only have apple juice for my little vampire to drink today.
Kid: Will it make me poop good?
Me: Yes it will make you poop good. I want my little vampire to poop good.
Kid: O-tay my apple juice will be my bawoood.

And that folks is how you get a vampire to drink his apple juice so he don't get constipated....rofl maternity wears for wedding at affordable price