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The Democrats in the US and the Labour Party in the UK become a centrist, free-market capitalist party. This led to disillusioned voters voting against their interests. Thatcher and Reagan made their countries far more conservative, and in favor of free-market economics. They destroyed unions, fought against wage increases, opposed any kind of welfare, etc. This started the concentration of wealth among the wealthy. Their opponents, Democrats in the US and Labour in Britain, responded by moving to the political center. Since then both countries have had 1 party that actively tries to hurt the working class 'for their own good' and another party that doesn't give a crap about the working class so long as the economy as a whole is growing. So, for about 30 years none of those 4 parties has done a damn thing for the working class. And last year they finally got fed up. In both countries they voted against the status quo, Brexit and Trump, as a way of protesting a political system that has been fucking them for decades. It hasn't made things better, quite the opposite, but without understanding why it happened we can't fix it. And the Democrats still haven't got the message. I think Corbin has while the Tories want to make the UK a tax haven for the rich and miserable for anyone else. The people of the UK were lied to about the real reasons behind the referendum which I don't know and couldn't even begin to speculate on. The fed up were made to believe it was about getting those crazy foreigners out and closing the borders, the same rhetoric Trump used. Two great countries are now divided. The UK could announce a new referendum and see if 52% of people still really want to leave the EU and go from there. Kind of a slap in the face to democracy and those who voted for it the first time but a lot of money wasted already on negotiations and a huge amount for a divorce bill with no hope for a return on investment which is what usually happens with payments that were made to the EU. About 90% is recovered through steel work, farming, social care, retail, technology, green energy, and more. Without knowing how the divorce will impact those markets, it could end up being billions more just thrown at a wall and getting nothing in return. The US has no hope. We have a temperamental tantrum throwing child with a personal vendetta against the previous president and everything he did during his 8 years in office. Making America great again by reintroducing hatred, bigotry, isolation, and sexism as the norm. It'll take years of Democrat leadership to repair, and that's if they have a capable representative that can. Right now they don't. modest designed wedding garment in vintage style

Just my two cents on something new I've been trying to get a better understanding of. Also something that kept my mind busy in the middle of the night.