mother of the groom and bride collections in vintage style

Mandela came to us December 5, 2013, the day Nelson Mandela passed away. He too passed away December 6,2017, a short 4 years. He was always small, seeing him arrive unannounced during the first snow on such long spindly legs that made him seem more like a spider. He, like Maugwai, his brother who showed up a few days before Mandela passed away from the chronic upper respiratory issue. I loved him dearly. mother of the groom and bride collections in vintage style

For Mandela, Tiny Great Cat

Tiny dignified black spidery kit
Who loved to play and loved to sit
Alway cold and always snuffly
Love to be loved was never gruffly

No hiss, no yowl, only grace
A calm dignity as you took your place
Always full of somber love
A gift in the snow-from above?

A wee stray, a tiny adult
A firm support a sweet result
Never knew from where he came
And I will always love him just the same

He came and went 4years, no more
He always waited at the door
Greeting me in silent glance
He followed till he had the chance
To ask for a pet, a scritch behind his ear
A rub under the chin, to sit near

He loved to be close
He loved to be fed
Eggs for breakfast, hold the bread
No tuna for him
He just stayed slim

Almost an afterthought
He came and went
So glad am I that to me he was sent.

Love you Deli, always will
Miss you fiercely