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Dave Aspery: Did you no know some toxins are stored in body fat? Are you losing weight but run a risk of increasing toxins in your blood?

If you have ever lived in a city, drank tap water, or breathed polluted air, consumed processed food or canned food, used deodorants (aluminum) or cosmetics - then - detoxifying metals and toxins is something to consider. not expensive wedding selections in short mini length

Possible protocol check with your doctor because toxins in your blood can make you sick:

Take 500-1,000 mg liposomal glutathione and 2-3 g vitamin C an hour before exercising.
Take 500-1500 mg of Calcium D-Glucarate daily.
Exercise for at least 20-30 minutes (HIIT is a good option).
Wait 2 hours - Take 3-4 activated charcoal pills may bind to vitamin C, so wait 2 hours.
Spend 45-60 minutes in a sauna OR a hot shower or bath. Remember to get plenty of water and salt/electrolytes.
Alternatively - later - additional, might jump in a cold shower for increased circulation.