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OK Gals, some of you have heard the news that Lemon Drop is closing after 10 wonderful years. This was a very difficult and personal decision and in no way is a reflection of our business or our customers. Here are a few details that we want ALL of you to be aware of:

1. If you've placed a special order with us, don't worry! ALL orders will be fulfilled at or before the estimated delivery date. Everyone will get their merchandise!!
2. We will officially reopen on THURSDAY, JANUARY 4 at 10am, when the SUPER HUGE Store Closing Sale begins!!
3. Everything must go! Every dress! Every shoe! Every pink chandelier! Everything! THIS WILL INCLUDE ALL NEW ARRIVALS FOR SPRING 2018 with no exclusions!!
4. Y'all know we go BIG, so we figured we would turn our Closing Sale into a chance to win AMAZING prizes!! The Grand Prize is a week's vacation in Orange Beach, AL!!!! Others prizes include an Apple Watch, a 4K HDTV, Beats Headphones and much more!!
5. Prizes will be given away on a points basis. You MUST visit the store for details...and bring a friend!! Referrals earn you more points!! No prior purchases are eligible for point earnings.
6. We are extending our hours in January and February to accommodate the increase in store traffic. We will be open 10-7pm M-Th, 10-5:30 F-Sat and will be open on Sundays from 1-5.
7. In anticipation of this HUGE sale, we have set up an answering service, as we will be unable to answer every call. Please leave a message and we WILL get back to you!!

This was not an easy decision. But if we are going to go out, we are going to go out ON TOP and MAKE IT FABULOUS!! We cannot possibly express our thanks and gratitude to every single person we have met along this journey. This is just the beginning of a FABULOUS finish, gals! We love you all!! online sale maternity evening party wears