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Ppl be hatin' and assuming sh*t about me when they see my profile covered with photos of adventures, world travels, and activities that normally cost a pretty penny to do. Their first thought: "oh, this guy has money.. he prob had rich parents or grew up rich." Wrong, mothaf*ckers. My mom came here with her 10 siblings as a refugee after the Vietnam War in 1975 with pretty much only the clothes on their backs. Only their father (my grandpa) came with them bc my grandma was murdered (had her throat slit) and thrown into a lake while she was on a boat with my aunt and some neighbors who robbed & killed her for the little bit of jewelry she had on her to bring as they escaped the country. I am 1st generation born in the U.S. I never met or knew my father bc his abusive ass abandoned my mom while she was still pregnant with me. We always lived in apartments (could never afford to own a house until 2009), and we always had an uncle or two live with us to help with the cost of rent. My mom worked almost her whole life in manual labor jobs ranging from hotel housekeeping, waitressing, hairdresser, and then finally (for the majority of my and siblings' lives) as a nail manicurist for over 25 yrs netting less than $15k a year. Throughout my whole time in school, I was on the govt's "free lunch" program. My mom easily qualified for further poverty assistance but her pride made her refuse to go on food stamps or other welfare besides the school-lunch programs. She pushed us in school and so I was pretty much a "loner" and kept my head down with my studies up until I graduated as Valedictorian of my high school class. This hard work and focus allowed me to receive multiple awards and scholarships which pretty much covered almost all of my tuition, fees, room & board at The University of Texas at Austin. I was able to study abroad through a scholarship in my senior year. I then landed a great paying job at Dell HQ in Round Rock, TX before I eventually decided to volunteer 2 yrs of my life overseas with the Peace Corps. When I came back, I worked my ass off some more at various odd jobs. Gave law school a shot. Didn't pan out. Worked as a paralegal/legal asst for a couple yrs at a reputable Downtown Houston corporate immigration law firm. Then gave a career change a shot into healthcare which is what I'm pursuing now. So if anyone thinks these things I've done or achieved or activities/material items I've accomplished or acquired were just HANDED to me on a silver platter or that I was born into financial privilege, you can go f*ck yourself. Cuz you don't know sh*t about what I've been thru. And I'm 34 f*cking yrs old! Don't you think it's possible I could've acquired certain assets and possessions along the way?? Uh, hellooo. Dumb f*cktards. And what adversities have you actually faced, besides being born in middle-class suburbia in the middle of podunk nowhere bored as sh*t thinking you "got it hard" so you try to act the part as if you grew up "in the ghetto" (which you prob never seen in person so if u want me to show u where I grew up where kids got jumped, shot or stabbed from gang violence, then step into my office). So stop acting like a bunch of white privileged country kids who were the "losers" in high school and since u were stuck in a small town, you try to lash out and be "edgy" and "different" any way you can. Get real - play time is over, BOY. Let the grown ups talk. And stop crying cuz I got more $$$ than you. Maybe you should ask your parents to up your allowance. prom garments in white color