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Every year I see these kinds of posts and they make me cringe! These send completely the wrong message and do more harm than good. Thinking about food only in terms of calories and how much exercise you need to do in order to "burn it off" perpetuates a diet mindset and only serves to inflate feelings of guilt. And we all know what eventually happens when you are trying to "diet" and are constantly surrounded by food and then feel like you have to burn off every little cookie by doing 274 jumping jacks or some nonsense like crack and binge and feel horrible and THAT is what sets you back, not enjoying an occasional cookie or a big meal like Christmas dinner. So please, if you feel like posting crap like this, just don't, you aren't helping anyone and may actually be setting someone up for failure. And if you are stressing about "burning off" your holiday meal, please know that just one meal is not going to make a difference. Just do your best to be active during the holiday season and allow yourself to enjoy small quantities of your favourite treats as the opportunities arise. Doing so will keep those cravings at bay and as long as you get right back to your usual habits in between parties and after the holidays you won't gain and any little extra weight will come off quickly. sexy style mother of the bride or groom outfits