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Since the commencement of this series on vagina, sexuality and fertility, I have received feedback from so many women, either to corroborate my write-ups with what they are going through now, or to express fear about their fertility future. The essence of my write-ups is not to scare you nor condemned you, but to help in adjusting and taking the necessary steps on time! In this edition, I am going to proffer reasonable solutions to some extent, if you found yourself in any of the prevailing situations that we are discussing.

Abortions (D&C) is done by your doctor through the vagina. The more D&C you have, the more you are reducing your chances of conception. A patient told me years back in a very sobber mood, that what she was going through was the wages of her sin of incessant abortions. She could remember nothing less than ten sessions of D&C, but she told me it was far more than that. As at the time she came to me, she had not seen her menses for close to two years! If your antral follicles is over scrapped for whatever reason during instrumentation, your ovary may not be able to produce follicles (eggs) again. At that level, your menses becomes a herculean task. Most of your chronic PIDs came from the instrumentations of PID. If you do a test, like pelvic USS (scan), and your results indicates things like 'Scarry tissues' due to instrumentation of the past, that is another devastating effects of D&C! When you have that, implantation might not be easy. Many years ago, research was able to isolates the urine of women in menopause as been rich in FSH and has the capability of stimulating the ovaries to produce healthy follicles in younger women. Catholic nuns of those days volunteered to donate their urine free of charge. Many women went there to drink the urine, and nothing less than 60% of them conceived within 90 days! It is the cultured version of it that is being used today in IVF. Sage is an ancient herb, with the capacity to stimulates the ovary. After an epidemic in a particular setting many years ago, the elders came together and decided that all their women should be given Sage. Within a space of five years, the epidemic that wiped off the youths and children of that community became a thing of the past. Do you also know that the soy you see everyday is not an ordinary food, but a hormonal medicine for women with low estrogen? Scarry tissues and PID is one of the reasons your baby might be breached and refused to turn during conception. But the good news is that your baby can turned today, and you can avoid the hassles of Cesarean section! Wild goat weed, is a herb that helps heals the wound of Scarry tissues, reverse PIDs and aids in conception. My sobber patient who thought she couldn't conceived again in life became my first patient to conceive without seeing her menses. As at the last count, she has had three healthy children! Meet with me live in Abuja today Dec 1st and 2nd and discover the secret. silver or grey wears for cocktail party

Your best form of treatment is in nature. This and many more is what I will be showing you this Friday and Saturday, if you come out to consult with me in Abuja. Am already on ground waiting for you, don't miss the opportunity for anything please!
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