the petite figures needs to wear for the prom party

Today I give thanks for this amazing, epic journey and the opportunity to explore and absorb. Very little in life has given me more pleasure, reward, and sense of accomplishment.

I also give thanks to what I miss most, both large and small. I miss my grandsons most. Croix and his ever caring heart, big Honey hugs and kisses, and that quick-witted sarcasm that guarantees he is definitely one of mine!

And Troy, our bi-lingual daredevil, with his ever-beaming smile, and sly little glances confirming that yes, munchkin, Honey is watching, and I see what you're doing.

And my children, all 6 of you. Yep, kinda missing you bunch of crazy fools. Your support of my journey is much appreciated, although, as you well know, I would have gone with or without it. So much sweeter with it, though! ;P

And my friends and family. Boy, I sure am blessed to have so many of you. Thank you for checking in with me, and for supporting this little adventure. Your words of encouragement give these wings (a.k.a hooves or dogs) a little lift every day.

And now for the little things I am thankful to be able to miss:

My bed...oh how I miss my bed. Last time I slept it in was the night before evacuation. I realize some literally lost there bed, so I have to be thankful that some day I will rest my head there again...and when that happens, I'm sure I'll be thinking, "Why the hell was I missing this?"

My hair straightener...I'm not a girly girl, but I do miss sporting a little well coiffed hair periodically.

Cute boots...Don't get me wrong, my hiking boots ROCK! Could not have done this without them, but I would love to don a cute pair of boots in this cool weather....much less a cute outfit that didn't have to pass a functionality test first.

My glasses...cause sometimes I want to take out my contacts and still be able to see. Yep, that would be nice.

My Nespresso machine. I know, I know...there is great coffee here in Europe . Hell, there are great tea houses, too. But I miss drinking a cuppa Joe in my PJ's on the sofa, in my backyard or back in my bed.

Single layer dressing...not the food, the clothing! Having to don multiple layers of clothing to step outside, then to practically disrobe at each long-term destination (restaurant, etc.) takes some patience, and skill. I'm learning daily, and the further north I head, the more layers this thin-blooded Houstonian requires! the petite figures needs to wear for the prom party

A paycheck. Need I elaborate?

My backyard...only a little bit, though. Selling that backyard facilitated this Epic we're right back at giving thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving from Prague, y'all!!