tulle covered items to wear of the wedding

To whom it may concern,
In regards to my most recent post (about a wedding dress) I suppose I need to clear the air with a PSA, lol. Fair warning: I may or may not come off rude but in my defense I am a little fed up with the fact people have felt the need to make our wedding day about them, their wishes, conveniences, desires, what they would rather do, what they think is best for us, and questioning why we chose Colorado and not Arizona. I am gonna go ahead and break it down so anyone who is wondering can get a better understanding. The last thing I expected was for us to have to explain ourselves as to why we chose where we chose for OUR big day on uniting as one.... but ?‍♀️ anyway, here we go.

We have chosen to elope in Colorado simply because it makes sense to us. Here is why in a timeline, you might want to take a seat lol
- our initial plan was to have a small (50-100 guest) wedding in Arizona... my cousin was going to be my maid of honor, her hubby was going to marry us. I had all the colors picked out, had my bridesmaids lined up, Carter had his groomsmen picked. We discussed food. We discussed the possibility of Prescott (where we met), we discussed the possibility of the valley (where we live), I was being SUCH a girl between gathering ideas, Pinteresting, picking out decor, flowers, the when & the where, etc! But... life happens. ? My uterus became an incubator again. Changing everything. We then realized how costly, stressful, and exhausting it is to plan a wedding on top of taking care of a crazy toddler with another on the way. I also thought to myself "What if I don't get my body back by next spring? Omg. I don't want to get married with a baby on my boob!" After all these realizations we had.... Our original plan no longer made sense. Didn't want to deal with it anymore. Baby stuff took over but we didn't want to wait two years to get married either! So, my cousin (the MOH who lives in CO w/the ordained hubby) wanted to throw me a gender reveal for the baby ? She offered to come out to AZ to do it but we had this big plan to go Colorado for Christmas that ended up not happening because, again, life. Carter & I then BOTH decided that since Christmas was a bust we would go to CO for our gender reveal to make up for it!! How exciting! Oh! And we can elope there too, Matt can marry us atop a pretty mountain or somewhere with woodland! We deserve a little get away before this second babe enters the world & our life gets a little less easier when it comes to scheduling (because any parent knows the kids make the schedule lol) Perfect!! This, this makes sense to us. We weren't thinking about the convenience of others because we weren't aware we needed to. We thought we could do this our way, for our day/weekend. Celebrating our union and another baby!! tulle covered items to wear of the wedding ?

We also didn't expect EVERYONE to be able to come out, esp when 90% of my family is spread out all over of the US map. It is, however, an open invite to our friends & family who deem it an important event & want to be there!! ALL of you are more than welcome to make it happen. Some of you have given us your word that you will be there, we hope it all works out!

In most cases I would apologize for any inconvenience but I don't think it's fair for people to rain on our parade just because it doesn't make sense to them lol.
So, there ya have it folks! ??