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An open letter to my exs ex-ex.


I made a promise I wouldn't message you. This is me trying to keep that promise but I feel there are some things you should know.
To start off, she picked me. I watched the weight fall off of her shoulders when she realized she didn't have to settle in life. I told her she didnt have to. I tried to stay neutral. She still did..... Then you lied. You cried, begged, pleaded, and made promises that I know you won't keep but that's still my girl and I want to see her happy; so here's some tips for you to keep her happy, as much as I hate to give you a leg up.
She loves chocolate; mainly white and milk but she likes dark chocolate Hershey kisses now too, thanks to her dad; buy her those big Carmello bars too. She was disappointed you got her candy for Christmas and none of it was what she liked-it was all things you liked for yourself...
Buy her flowers!!! I know you don't care about them but she still buys them for you anyways, please for the love of all that is holy, buy her flowers whenever you can. Even one single rose (especially the rainbow ones) will make her whole face light up. We both know how beautiful those eyes are when she smiles.
Stop being so fucking picky. She likes to eat, let her go somewhere with you other than for mexican and coney island. ?
Hold her hand, hold it tight.
Dress up for her once in a while. Pajamas and sweats are awesome, we all agree, but it would mean the world to her if maybe even just one day a week you switched it up.
Next time you're in VS for yourself-get her that lipgloss. You know the one, its pink with little gold sparkles. She loves it.
PINK. Pink is her favorite color. She almost cried when she told me you had no idea.
You guys have been to Frankenmeuth how many times? You told her you didnt want a couples ornament from Bronners?!?! Go get one. Its small but that meant the world to her.
Stuffed animals-cheap but she will love you forever. Go to Walmart, they have a lion with a rainbow mane and a unicorn horn, I saw her eyeing it. Go get it.
The blue floral blanket from there too, it has plush pink balls on the sides (also from Walmart) it matches her bed....get it. She needs something to cuddle.
Go get her that silly Nicki Minaj Trini Girl perfume, she loved it and can't find it.
Call her Princess!!!!
Keep the Stonyfield cow shaped fruit snacks at your house for her. They're her favorites.
Let her drink occasionally damn it. She's a nurse that works 12+ hour shifts. No shitty girly drinks either. She likes Jack & Coke.
Please take pictures of her and with her. She has like 3 pictures with you...she hates it. The candid photos of her are the most important though. Catch that smile.
Most importantly, put her before yourself. That is the most selfless, caring, forgiving human I have ever met and I must say, the moment I heard that you put your JOB before her CAREER and were trying to force her to move out of state and leave her friends, family, memories, and brand new nursing career behind...I lost all respect for you. You didn't see how hard she worked in school and how nuch of a wreck she was before she took her boards, but I did. Do not make her abandon her life that she worked so hard to make for herself. She is a fucking queen and needs to be treated as such. unusual bridesmaid dresses
Love her, pamper her, and hold her close.
If you lose her, you'll be regretting it in more ways than you can imagine.