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Thought I would share this converstion I read this am. from a teacher's perspective & converstion about their school & Teacher/Student overview... Go ahead & trust the docs & vaccines what does your family future have to LOSE !!! sigh
A friend at her child's new school)
"Me: "Are you the only special education teacher at this school?"
SpEd teacher: "It's between myself and one other teacher."
Me: "How many special needs children are there in this school?"
Principal: "40 and that's just the diagnosed."
SpedEd Teacher: "And most of them are not high functioning like Liam."
Me: "How many students total in the school?"
Principal: "340."
Me: "How many students do you think are special needs that are not diagnosed?"
SpedEd Teacher: "Probably around half."
Me: "So two special education teachers for approximately 170 special needs students?"
SpedEd Teacher: "I hope that with the numbers we have now on IEP's that we will get a third special education teacher the next school year."
Me: "Even three seems a little low. It sounds like you need more like 30 +."
Principal: "It is concerning. There are two other schools just down the road a little that have two Autism classes, plus a special education class and the other school has over 25% of their students on the spectrum so both of those schools get a lot more help than we do." vintage and antique wears for a wedding
Me: "That is alarming. So all the services are going to those schools and you guys are kinda getting screwed over here."
Principal: Nods.
Me: "Isn't it alarming that so many children are relying on special education now?"
Principal and SpedEd Teacher: Both nodded.
SpedEd: "It is hard on us and the students. The other thing is, is now I am so overwhelmed by all the paperwork from all these special education students that I can't actually work with the students anymore. The other teacher does that and I check in once a month."
Me: "Wow... and you guys don't have special ed classrooms here, so all the kids on IEPs are just getting put into mainstream classrooms with teachers who have no training in special needs?
Principal: "Basically yes. We are learning as we go."
Do you see what I see?
The rise in disabled and neurologically damaged children is sky rocketing.
The schools are filling with special education students.
The teachers have no training in this area.
They are overwhelmed. Under staffed. Under paid.
How long can this continue?"
-Rochelle Brooks