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There is a weak Hadith related to Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam which says "Fumigate your houses with Lubaan (Frankincense) and Sa'atar (Thyme)". But it was reported that once a man complained to Ali Radi Allaho Anh that he forgets, so the 4th Caliph said to him, "Resort to the Lubaan, because it strengthens the heart and removes forgetfulness".

In addition, it was reported that Ibn Abass Radi Allaho Anh said, "Drinking Lubaan with sugar on an empty stomach is favorable for the mind and helps against forgetfulness. It was reported further that Anas Radi Allaho Anh said to a man who complained to him of forgetfulness, "Resort to Kundur (Lubaan), soak it overnight and in the morning take a sip of it on an empty stomach, because it is good against forgetfulness".
There is an apparent reason for this benefit.

Forgetfulness is the result of cold, humid, bad moods that affects the brain in a way that makes the brain not recall the memory easily. In this case, Lubaan definitely helps. When forgetfulness is a result of other physical causes, refreshing drinks help in that case. The difference between the two cases is that the dry substances help one stay at night and recall old memories rather than current memories. The wet drinks have the opposite effect.

Sometimes, forgetfulness occurs because of Hijamah (cupping) on Nuqrat-il-Qifa ~ the back of the head (between Akhda'ain) and excessive eating of wet coriander and sour apples.

Lubaan is hot in the second degree and dry in the first degree. It is a mild constipation agent. It is very beneficial and its side effects are minimal. Among the benefits of Lubaan is that it stops and heals bleeding, stomach ache, diarrhea, helps digest the food, gets rid of flatulence, cures eye sores, helps the body to grow flesh on most ulcers and strengthens the weak stomach. Lubaan dries the phlegm and moistures accumulating in the chest, cures eyesight impairment and prevents malignant sores from progressing.

When Lubaan is chewed alone or mixed with Persian thyme, it will provoke phlegm, release and relax the tongue muscles and help the mind become sharper. When Lubaan is burnt as Bakhoor (fumigated), it helps cure many illnesses and makes the air smell fresh. Although LUBAAN is sold at our markets, but it remains ignored by most of the Muslims, it is a powerful medicine which was also praised by our 4th Caliph, it is the best for memory loss, it relaxes the entire respiratory system, your kidneys will love it as well, and your joint pains will go Insha'Allah with LUBAAN. wedding collections in grey or sliver
Burning frankincense repels mosquitoes and thus helps protect people and animals from mosquito-borne illnesses, such as malaria, West Nile Virus, and Dengue Fever. Dengue fever created a panic in Saudi Arabia & we never knew that burning Lubaan (fumigation) would be the best remedy, for how long shall we waste our time & money?