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Episode 6 TO 12.
After the attempted rape incident, the Adebayo family took Juliet like their very own to the extent that the spent the holiday with them in Dubai and by the time they came back, it was time to face the second year of their university education and then, Juliet struck.It was a cold Friday evening when Juliet called Chief Adebayo, she was pretending to be crying as she spoke to him
Juliet: "Hello sir, good evening"
Chief Adebayo: "Juliet dear, how are you?"
Juliet: "Not too fine sir, I hope I'm not disturbing you?"
Chief Adebayo: "Oh not at all, what's the problem dear"
Juliet: " come over, please?"
Chief Adebayo: "Of course, where will I meet you?"
Juliet: "At the school gate"
Chief Adebayo: "OK, I'll be there in an hours time"
Juliet: "Thank you so much"
Adesuwa was at home and Juliet quickly took a bath.She applied a good moisturizing cream, put on a beautiful, sexy, lacy lingerie that had holes through which her radiant skin could be seen.She then wore a very nice smelling perfume, applied some make up and covered herself with a little veil.She went to the school gate and sat on a bench.Ten minutes later, Chief Adebayo arrived in a luxurious Toyota car and as soon as Juliet saw him, she tool off the veil and started pretending to be crying. Chief Adebayo passed her without stopping, he didn't recognize her, she called him and as he turned and saw her, he was stunned by her beauty wedding dresses for older brides second weddings
Chief Adebayo: "Juliet? is that you?"
Juliet:"Yes sir, please sit sir"
Chief Adebayo: "OK dear, are you OK?"
She started crying and he pulled her close to comfort her.
Chief Adebayo: "Tell me the problem"
Juliet was sobbing and tears ran down her face
Juliet: "Well sir...things have been so hard, my family, my whole's.... it's just difficult.... the struggles...and....and..."
She started crying again and as he pulled her close again, she hugged him, tightly and pressed her breasts against his chest and as he tried to release himself, she held him more tightly and cried a little louder.Finally, she let go of him and as he was about to say something, she kissed him, on the lips
Chief Adebayo: "Juliet... what....what are you doing?"
Juliet:"I'm so sorry "
And with that she stood up and ran towards her room, he called after her but she didn't stop.She arrived at her room, smiling and waiting for his call and like magic, barley a minute later, he called saying his coming to the room.When he arrived, Juliet put on her act again
Juliet: "Sir, I'm so so sorry"
Chief Adebayo: "Do you need money or some sort of help?"
Juliet: "I...I...need you, bayo"
She moved closer, pulled him into an embrace and kissed him.He tried resisting, but he couldn't. He kissed her back and ran his hands over her body, they fell on the bed and made love, on Adesuwa's bed....
Episode 7.
After they finished having sex, Chief Adebayo was feeling sexually satisfied but also very guilty
Chief Adebayo:"Juliet.... maybe we shouldn't have..."
Juliet:"Are you saying that you didn't like it?"
Chief Adebayo:"Well...yes...I did..but...but..bu..."
Juliet:"But nothing my love, I love you and that's what's important"
Chief Adebayo:"But what of Adesuwa and my family?"
Juliet:"They don't have to know, it will be our little secret"
She kissed him passionately and then had another round of sex after which she accompanied him to his car and he drove off.The following day, Adesuwa returned to the hostel and Juliet told her that she has a new boyfriend except she didn't tell Adesuwa that her Sugar daddy boyfriend was Chief Adebayo.Of course Adesuwa warned her about such
Adesuwa:"Juliet, there's nothing wrong in having a boyfriend but an older man? I'm not so sure o".
Juliet:"Oh come on Adesuwa, don't be such a prude, he's not even fifty yet!"
Adesuwa:"Hahahahaha and you're not even twenty yet!!"
Juliet:"Hahahahaha yeah, so we're a perfect match".
Adesuwa:"Oh Juliet, you will never change"
Juliet and Chief Adebayo met and had sex regularly at different top hotels, Chief Adebayo was already in Juliet's clutches and within the space of one month, Juliet changed from the poor desperate slum girl to a rich, eighteen year old mistress of the powerful Chief Adebayo. She rented a large house for her parents and brother. She told her father that she was dating Adesuwa's father and because of the money that Juliet kept bringing home, he gave her hundred percent support. They kept it a secret from her mother and brother, lying to them that Juliet was already working part time.
Back at the family of the Adebayos, everything was normal except that Chief Adebayo was spending more time out than in the house. He always lied that he goes out to see important business associates.Soon, Chief Adebayo rented a house for her and soon he started spending weekends with her.Juliet was all that he could think about, he practically worshipped her and soon enough, the once happy family of the mighty Adebayos started cracking up.However, Juliet wasn't content with just having his money, she wanted to be his wife and then, she began plotting her next move...
Episode 8.
Juliet was determined to kick Chief Adebayo's wife out together with her kids and be the queen of his empire so she asked her devious father for advice
Juliet:"Dad, what do you think we should do? I want that woman and her children out, I want Chief all to myself!"
Mr Okoro:"Hmmmn that's a really good plan, I have an idea on how to get us that Chief"
Juliet and her father hired a fake pastor, paid him well and gave him private information about him.They told him to go to Chief Adebayo's office and tell him that God says he must depart from his wife because she was a witch.The fake pastor whose name was John, dressed up, took a Bible and went to Chief Adebayo's office.
John:"Peace unto you Chief"
Chief Adebayo:"And to you too....who are you please?"
John:"My name Pastor John Kalu, the presiding pastor of Living Water International Parish"
Chief Adebayo:"Oh pardon me pastor, you're welcome"
John:"Thank you"
Chief Adebayo:"OK Pastor, so what can I do for you?"
John:"You see, I just concluded a forty days fasting and prayer and God revealed some things to me, things about you"
Chief Adebayo was starting to get scared, he was someone who believed so much in prophecy, visions and messages.
Chief Adebayo:"What things pastor?"
John:"The Lord revealed to me that you're dating a younger lady, your mistress right?"
Chief Adebayo was shocked, he was so careful not to let anyone know about his relationship with Juliet
Chief Adebayo:"How... how did you know?
John:"Hmmmn don't be scared sir, actually Juliet is the wife God destined for you.The woman you're married to right now, Mrs Ewatomi is not supposed to be your wife, you and Juliet are meant for each other, so says the Lord!!"
Chief Adebayo:"Pastor... I don't understand you?"
John:"Ewatimi is a witch!! she bewitched you into loving her!! If you want to know that what I'm saying is true, during dinner tinight, check your food, you will notice that it had strands of human hair in it but once you see the hair, you must not confront her yet if not she may use her powers to attack you.I'll be leaving now"
Chief Adebayo:"OK at least take this token of appreciation"
John:"No no no, I am just a messanger, it is God that needs your appreciation"
With that, John left the office and met up with Juliet
Juliet:"So how was it? did he buy it?"
John:"Hahahahaha don't you trust me? he swallowed it hook, line, sinker, boat and fishermen"
Juliet:"Hahahahaha I trust you, here is your balance.Let me quickly head to their house to complete the plan"
She arrived at the mansion and met Adesuwa and her mom making dinner. She helped them to cook and set the table. After they served the food, Juliet secretly cut some of her hair and put it right into the food reserved for Chief Adebayo. She then lied that she had to rush home because her mom was I'll.Minutes later, Chief Adebayo arrived. He greeted his wife coldly and headed for the table. He started using a spoon to search through the food
Mrs Adebayo:"Honey, don't you like the food?"
Chief Adebayo:"I do..."
Finally, he cane upon the little ball of hair.He gave his wife and kids such an angry look that made them shiver.Without saying a. word, he stood up and went out leaving them confused. Chief Adebayo didn't sleep at home that night and that fueled his wife's suspicion that he was cheating, she resolved in her mind that she would talk to his Aunt about the issue. Of course Chief Adebayo slept in the ever waiting arms of Juliet Okoro...
Episode 9.
Chief Adebayo returned home the following morning, visibly angry.He bumped into his wife at the gate, and after looking at her from head to toe, he hissed and said....
Chief Adebayo: "Old witch"
Mrs Adebayo: "What? darling what did you just say?"
Chief Adebayo: "You heard me perfectly well, you're an old witch or aren't you? well your secret is out now!! your spell is broken"
Mrs Adebayo: "My love, what are you talking about?"
Chief Adebayo: "If you call me your love one more time, fire from heaven will burn that stupid mouth of yours"
Mrs Ewatomi tried to hold his hand but he gave her a very sounding slap that sent her crashing on the hard cement floor that was all on the ground of their compound. Adesuwa, her younger sister Yemisi and their little brother, Damilola, who were watching from the window quickly ran out to stop their father from beating their mother the more.
Damilola: "Daddy... no....please, don't be mummy anymore, please daddy, sorry"
The twelve year old boy cried as he held his father's hands while his sisters knelt close to their crying mother
Chief Adebayo: "Witch, your mum is a witch!!! but guess what Ewatomi, I'm leaving this house before you kill me, you can keep the house and keep your little witches to yourself but from today, I cease to be your husband and don't expect a dime from me anymore!!"
He rushed inside and in minutes time he was out with his bags
Chief: "You'll hear from my lawyer about the paper work for the divorce, and I'll come pick my cars and other things later"
Mrs Adebayo and her children were too shocked to speak, it was as if their father was under a powerful spell.They helped their mother into the house and treated the big red lump that had developed on her soft delicate skin.They all sat down, quiet, sad and very worried.
Mrs Adebayo: "Kids, I don't want you to take what your dad did this morning for anything OK? I think he was drunk!"
Adesuwa: "Drunk? really mum? c'mon I'm not twelve years old, tell that lie to Damilola and am sure even he knows better"
She looked over to her brother but the look on his face suggested that he believed their mum.She smiled a bit at his childish innocence
Adesuwa: "Mum, dad has another woman outside"
Mrs Adebayo: "Adesuwa, you know that's not true.... he...he is just tired"
Adesuwa: "Yes, tired of you!"
Mrs Adebayo started crying
Adesuwa: "Mum, am sorry, I didn't mean it that way"
Mrs Adebayo: "It's okay my love"
Yemisi:"Mum, it's not okay at all.look at your face!! "
Mrs Adebayo:"Adesuwa, take your siblings to their rooms"
Yemisi: "But mum....
Mrs Adebayo:" C'mon Yemisi, go to sleep OK, don't disobey mummy "
Yemisi: "OK mummy"
Damilola: "Mummy, will you be okay?"
Mrs Adebayo: "Of course my little prince"
She tickled him and he laughed out loud and it was as if the bitter experience had cleared from his mind, the rest looked at him with envy, wishing they were kids too, that way they would forget easily
After Yemisi and Damilola were asleep, Adesuwa went to her mums room.She found her mother on her knees, praying somberly. Soon the prayer turned into crying and then to wailing.Adesuwa comforted her mother
Adesuwa: "Mum, he's having a relationship, I'm sure and I'm certain she has bewitched him, what will we do?"
Mrs Adebayo: "Don't worry my love, I talk to Aunty Mary and Uncle Kunle, maybe he will listen to them"
After the death of Chief Adebayo's parents, his uncle Kunle and his wife Mary took him in, they gave him love and care and he came to take them as his parents. That night, Chief Adebayo stayed at the house he rented for Juliet. They made love, ate food and danced.He told Juliet that he wanted to tell the whole world that he loved her but for reasons Juliet herself didn't fully understand, she was scared of Adesuwa finding out.
The following morning, Mrs Adebayo drove to uncle Kunle's house while Adesuwa drove to school. Mrs Adebayo arrived at the mansion that Chief Adebayo built for his uncle and she was welcomed by his wife, Aunty Mary.
Aunty Mary:"My daughter good morning, how are you? you didn't tell us you were coming, I would have pounded yam for you, how are you dear?"
Mrs Adebayo: "Fine"
Aunty Mary: "Hmmmn you look troubled, and what's this bandage on your face for?"
Mrs Ewatomi broke down in tears.She narrated the whole story to Aunty Mary
Aunty Mary:"Are you sure it's the same Bayo that I raised? hmmn it's not only me that will hear this, let me call his Uncle"
She dialed his number and in thirty minutes time, uncle Kunle, and old man in his seventies, was driven into the compound by his driver.Mrs Adebayo had to tell the horrible story all over again. Uncle Kunle almost had a heart attack.At once he called Chief Adebayo. Chief Adebayo held his uncle in high esteem and so he rushed to their house.However as soon as he saw Mrs Ewatomi, he turned back and drove out.His Uncles called after him but he didn't bother stopping.
Uncle Kunle: "Hmmn Ewatomi, did you do something wrong to him?"
Mrs Adebayo: "Not at all, I don't even know what's wrong"
Uncle Kunle: "Don't worry dear, I'll talk to him"
Mrs Adebayo: "Thanks a lot sir"
At school, Adesuwa was crying under a mango tree when Juliet found her.After much pressure, Adesuwa told Juliet all that happened and of course Juliet started acting all caring but deep down she was rejoicing, another part of her plan had worked out perfectly well.
.Episode 10.
That same afternoon, uncle Kunle gave Chief Adebayo a call and asked him to visit him at home.Uncle Kunle and his wife, aunty Mary were both childless and so they had adopted him when his parents died therefore he held them in high esteem. Chief Adebayo left the office immediately after he received the call and drove to their house, a beautiful, spacious four bedroom flat he himself built for them.As soon as he dropped from the car, his uncle's wife, aunty Mary rushed to him and started choking him with questions for she loved his wife, Mrs Ewatomi very much and had always supported the union.
Aunty Mary: "Bayo, ki ni mo gbo to shey yen? (Yoruba, translated to English means " What is this I heard you did?).You beat your wife?! you dare raise your hands to Ewa?!! something must be seriously wrong with that heard of yours!!"
Uncle Kunle:"My dear, at least let him come inside first before you start"
Now aunty Mary was a very strict disciplinarian, even as a child, Chief Adebayo had always feared her and even though he was now a full grown man, he still trembled at the sight of her
Aunty Mary:"Enter where? certainly not my house!!! not until he explains to me why he'd beaten up his wife!"
Chief Adebayo: "Maami, please allow me to explain, please"
Both Chief Adebayo and his Uncle knew that once Aunty Mary said something then she must do it, it will take a miracle to get her allow him into the house. She held on tightly to his belt and he just gave up trying to convince her to let him in.
Chief Adebayo: "OK ma, truth is I didn't really beat her just a slap"
Aunty Mary: "You mean a slap like this?!"
Aunty Mary gave his a dirty slap that made tears well up in his eyes, a memory flashed quickly through his mind; it was several years ago, he was still a secondary school student then.A woman brought her child crying to their house and explained to aunty Mary that Adebayo had beaten her daughter. Aunty Mary called him and asked him what happened and he said "I didn't really beat her, it was just a slap" and his aunty gave him a dirty slap and asked "a slap like this?"!
Chief Adebayo was still thinking about the memory when his aunty's voice brought him back to the present
Aunty Mary:" What are you thinking about?!!"
Chief Adebayo: "Nothing Maaami
the reason I slapped her was because she is a witch?!"
Uncle Kunle:"Witch?! who told you that?"
Chief Adebayo: "A pastor, he told me she tied me down with her powers so I want to get a divorce"
Aunty Mary: "Hahahahaha oh my God! this boy! am sure you want another slap, if you don't shut up, I'll give you another slap.So it's now that she is a witch abi? after 19 years of marriage? after giving you three children? you are stupid! yes Bayo, you are very stupid!!!.Now listen to me, before I close my eyes and open them, I want you to drive to that hotel, back your stuff and go back to your family!!!"
Chief Adebayo just couldn't disobey Aunty Mary at all.From a young age, she had trained him well and infused strong moral values I'm him.He decided that he will go back home but things will never be the same again, to him, Ewatomi was a witch and he would never accept her. When he got home, he drove in and then Damilola, his twelve year old son ran to him and hugged him
Damilola:"Daddy please, don't get drunk again so you won't hit mummy again "
Chief Adebayo's heart melted, he loved the boy dearly, just as he loved his other children. Despite Damilola's chubby weight, chief Adebayo picked him up, kissed his forehead and hugged him
Chief Adebayo: "OK my boy, daddy won't drink anymore and he will never hit mummy again"
Damilola: "Promise daddy?"
Chief Adebayo:"Promise dear"
He took him inside and called a family meeting.Adesuwa, Yemisi and Damilola were present but his wife Mrs Adebayo locked herself in her room.Chief Adebayo apologized to his kids but Adesuwa wasn't fooled
Adesuwa: "Daddy, it's another woman, am I right?"
Chief Adebayo: "Will you shut up Adesuwa! I am still your father!"
Adesuwa: "Are you? Are you really? I doubt that!"
She stumped out of the sitting leaving Chief Adebayo's mouth wide open. His well trained, upright daughter was for the very first time being rude to him.He pulled Yemisi and Damilola to himself. He was sorry but he was too deep in Juliet's trap.He however planned to release himself from her but had no idea where to start......
Episode 11.
By nine pm that same day, Mrs Ewatomi still hadn't come out of the room she locked herself in.Adesuwa also hadn't come back. She went to her hostel where she met Juliet waiting for her.Ever since Juliet started sleeping with Adesuwa's father, her financial status had changed tremendously. She had packed out of Adesuwa's room to a two bedroom flat which Adesuwa's father had bought for her.
Juliet:"Hey Adesuwa, how have you been? I've been waiting for a while"
Adesuwa:" are you?"
Juliet:"Is everything OK dear, you look terrible?"
Adesuwa broke down in tears as she hugged Juliet
Adesuwa:"Daddy is cheating....... and he slapped my mum"
Juliet:"What?! are you sure? sit down first"
They sat down on a bench outside the door and Juliet handed Adesuwa a handkerchief
Juliet:"Now explain everything in detail"
Adesuwa:"My dad is cheating and I think mum confronted him about it and then this morning he slapped her before stumping out threatening to divorce my mum"
Juliet:"Oh my God! he did?!"
Juliet was overjoyed inside but on the outside, she had quickly shed a few crocodile tears
Juliet:"But are you sure? your dad doesn't seem like that type of man'
Adesuwa:"That's what I thought, that bitch he's dating must have put something in in food to make him behave like that but she should just wait till I lay my hands on her"
Little did Adesuwa know that "the bitch" was the very girl sitting beside her that moment. Juliet's plan to ruin the Adebayo family had worked like magic.With her father's support, Juliet had become a rich girl, her mother had open a shop, her brother Chinedu had resumed school while her father just sat at home, eating and drinking, he was the one encouraging Juliet to continue her evil ways.
Juliet told Adesuwa that they should go to her flat to catch some fun.When they arrived, Adesuwa was shocked at how splendid it looked
Adesuwa:"Wow Juliet, how come you've never brought me here?! this is amazing o, you this girl where you get money from?"
Juliet:"Hahahahaha, don't worry dear, my sugar daddy bought this for me"
Adesuwa:"Wow! he must be very rich and must love you a lot"
Juliet:"Oh he does, trust me"
The had a nice dinner before going to bed.Juliet smiled at Adesuwa's nativity.
Back at home, Mrs Ewatomi finally opened the door because Damilola kept calling her.Mr Adebayo apologised for the slap but she simply picked up Damilola who had already fallen asleep on the floor and took him into the room and locked the door again. She sat beside her son, crying and rubbing his back for no particular reason. She was hurt but not because of the slap but because her husband of almost twenty years had broken their vows of "till death do us part" apparently, another woman has succeeded in doing them part.....
.Episode 12.
The following morning, Adesuwa woke up from the luxurious bed at Juliet's house.She took a bath and was preparing to go out because they had an early morning lecture. She was shocked to find Juliet in the sitting room, eating chocolates in her night gown, watching movies
Adesuwa: "Hahahahaha Juliet, you are certainly missing lecturer Charles' class"
Juliet: "Oh Adesuwa dear, I'm gonna miss more than that lecture cos today, I'm just gonna relax and enjoy myself"
Adesuwa: "Is that so?!, hmmmn Juliet you've changed ooo, I just realized right now that I rarely see you in class these days, aren't you scared of failing, remember we're in 200 level now, things are more serious"
Juliet: "Oh dear, you worry too much about other people, let's discuss your own situation. What will you do about your dad's threat?"
Adesuwa: "Well honestly I don't know"
Juliet: "I'll advise you not to interfere, they are both adults and they are the ones in the marriage and so they should be the ones to sort things out"
Juliet's advice looked like a good one but of course she was trying to dissuade Adesuwa from helping out her parents' situation. Adesuwa was a bit naive but not completely stupid. She knew that it was up to her to do something if at all she wants her parents to remain married.
Adesuwa: "Well I'm not leaving them to sort out anything! if my dad thinks he can replace my mum with some cheap rag from the gutter, then he has bitten more than he can chew!!"
Juliet was surprised at Adesuwa's determination and started planning right at that moment on how to get all of them out of the family once and for all.
Juliet: "OK dear, just be careful, let me see you off"
After the lecture, Adesuwa went home to meet her dad, Yemisi and Damilola having lunch.
Chief Adebayo:"My dear, welcome, how was school today?"
Adesuwa: "Fine, just fine.Dami, where's mum?"
Damilola: "Sister Adesuwa, mummy is still in her room"
Adesuwa: "OK, Yemisi, how are you? how was school today?"
Yemisi: "School was sis"
Adesuwa; "OK good, I'm coming"
She turned round without saying any other word to her dad and headed for the room where her mum was, she knocked and after a few minutes of pleading, her mother opened the door
Adesuwa: "Mummy, how are you?"
Mrs Ewatomi: "I'm fine my dear, and you,how was school?"
Adesuwa: "Fine mummy, what did dad...."
Her mother didn't let her finish before placing a finger on her lips
Mrs Ewatomi: "My dear, shat happened between your dad and I is our business okay? I heard how you talked back at him yesterday, c'mon Adesuwa, I thought I raised you better than that?"
Adesuwa: "IMT sorry mum but...."
Mrs Ewatomi: "No buts dear, he remains your father and you must respect him.Remember you're the eldest and Yemisi and Dami will look up to you, do you want them to also start talking back at your dad?"
Adesuwa: "No mummy"
Mrs Ewatomi: "Good, now you must go apologize to your father"
Adesuwa: "But he's cheating!! can't you see it??"
Mrs Ewatomi: "Adesuwa!! that's enough!! I'll take care of everything, now go"
Adesuwa left the room reluctantly and returned to the dining room.
Adesuwa: "Sorry daddy"
Chief Adebayo: "I'm sorry too my love, forgive daddy okay?"
Adesuwa: "OK Daddy"
Chief Adebayo: "Thanks dear, where's mummy?"
Adesuwa: "She's having a bath"
Chief Adebayo: "OK then, let's wait for her"
About half an hour later, Mrs Ewatomi came out of the room.She had taken a bath, brushed her hair and applied slight make up.She wore a a little black dress and smiled broadly. For a fourth years old mother of three, she looked too good for her age.To a stranger, she could be called Adesuwa's sister. Adesuwa definitely got her beauty from her mother. Chief Adebayo stood there almost frozen for he had never seen her look so beautiful not even on their wedding day twenty years ago.She passed him where he stood and went to sit among her kids on the couch
Mrs Ewatomi: "Hey guys, mummy is sorry for locking herself up, forgive mummy?"
Damilola: "Yes of course mummy"
She smiled at Dami and when he smiled back, his face looked exactly like his father for he looked so much like Chief Adebayo. She pulled Yemisi closer to herself before turning over to look at her husband, she could see from his face that he wanted to say sorry.She stood up, went up to him and hugged him
Mrs Ewatomi: "It's OK dear"
Chief Adebayo:"Ewa...I'm so so..."
Mrs Ewatomi: "It's OK, it's all in the past now"
She smiled at him and just then, Dami took a picture of two of them.He uploaded it on his Facebook account, and tagged Adesuwa and Yemisi.
Juliet was running through her news feed on Facebook when the picture suddenly popes up.She was so furious that she slashed her phone on the ground.She sat down, breathing heavily and planning....