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Hi all. I have a cute little dog that I need to rehome. Her name is Silly and she's between 10 and 12 years old. She needs veterinary care that I can't afford and I want to find somebody who can care for and love her.

She was my mother's dog and prefers to be inside. She is pee pad trained. She's a bit of a barker and isn't very familiar with men and barks more at them. You'll always know if UPS or FedX drive by. She'll come with her harness and leash. She likes wet food, but it gives her diarrhea, so stick with kibble. wedding outfits with crop top

This is a very difficult rehoming for me. She, as I said, belonged to my mother who died back in 2015. Mama asked me to care for her, but I can no longer afford to.

I beg of you to make sure that you can care for her before you ask to meet her.

Because she needs vet care I am not asking a rehoming fee.

She's good with cats and other dogs. She is not used to children and will jump on them, but will not bite or growl at them.

She loves walks and hates being left outside. She likes being covered up and being close. Your couch will be her couch unless you can train her.

Regarding the vet care, her nails need cutting and her back right foot is swollen and sore. She has not been spayed and has not had her shots.

If you're looking to breed, stop. Find another dog. I mean it. She's too old. She's a companion. She's a pet. Not a breeder. She's never had puppies.

Also, she knows sit and get down.

Before I forget, she is cold natured and likes wearing sweaters and other clothes.