wedding selections in purple

A sister update, did I read loo brush, yes I did -
Lets go back to Claughton Street shall we, a run of the mill day squabbling with Margo ( sis).

Our main fights -
nicking her sweetie stash. I ate my ration immediately, she was a saver- the times I had nothing would sit and watch her devour some goody, slowlyyyyyyy, ugh -
'Can I have a bit?'
NOPE, you gobbled your share, go away!!'
Fight, fight, fight

borrowing her clothes without permission

running for the green brush each morning, who would get to it first

swearing at her for pulling irritating faces, listening to her voice

asking her to switch her radio OFF, wanted to work or sleep, could do neither in noise.

begging her to play with me in or out - if in, she must be teacher - if out, she did not want to be ON ( do the chasing), would sulk off and go in.

mess I created in our bedroom, ruffling her neat stuff up.

acted like a Miss know it all, every sentence began with - Yeh I know - no you don't - fight fight fight

This list is just endless, so lets get back to the loo brush, hehe
On this occasion, I was running away from her, swearing - ran into my ma and pa's room, jumped on the bed, there she made a jump for me, landing on top of me with the loo brush in her hand, then shoved it in my mouth happily- wedding selections in purple
'Thereeeeee you silly cow!!!'
'Oh mummmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy help me!!!!!'
Sis got a telling off, ma was not pleased, datty gal!

Not a violent person, only with sis, except for short sharp jabs and running for it - sis called me - club fist.
One evening just before bed, we had just filled our water bottles up, note, these were actual GLASS bottles.
Sis was getting on my nerves badly, push came to shove, only this time I belted her over the bum with what I was holding, yikes Nadia!!!!
The bottle broke on her bum, ooohhhhh and heeeelp, what had I done, saw blood too - small gash on cheek.
Oh my god, I was so scared, in for it now, BIG TIME - I was told off but not so badly, folks knew it was not meant.

We get on well nowadays, keep a safe distance, ehehhehe. awww I love her.