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LADIES allow me to have a talk with you.
Your ex is your ex and nothing else.
In your right mind,why should you go visiting YOUR ex yet you have another guy in your life?
The moment you realise it can't work for both of you, that should be the end completely.
You should respect your current boy friend by ensuring any form of communication and interactions is minimized or if need be cut completely.
It is sad to hear that a lady who was engaged to a guy, just visited the ex and the next minute, she is found dead in the ex's house. Today's daily nation newspaper. white colored items to wear of the beach
If that man used to mistreat you and treat you like trash, nothing will change him, he might be planning your death.
Lets be careful and wise.
Ladies, to have the best next, you must let GO of the ex completely. If you still have unfinished business with them, don't commit yourself to another guy.
It is either your guy or your ex.
This also applies to men too.